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Historical Novels you will find in section of We Really Dig Romance Novels

For Earlier Times of Merriment, Mayhem and Romance partner up with We Really Dig Historical Romance Novels as we take a trip to American and then head west. We'd better have a guide to make sure we don't run into any hostile Native Americans. If we decide to change course we can travel across the seas to England, Scotland and other places of interest.

Click on the name to get a description and cover art of the book. I will be adding to the list. Feel free to come back often. Readers can recommend their favorite books and authors to us.

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The Conqueror One Wicked Night An Undeniable Rogue The Midnight Marriage Castaway Heart Castles Guardian Angel Honor's Splendour Rebellious Desire The Gift The Lion's Lady< The Prize The Captain's Caress Shadow of the Past Warrior's Deception Just Wicked Enough To Marry an Heiress Speak Only Love After the Seduction Dance of Seduction In the Prince's Bed The Forbidden Lord To Pleasurea Prince My Lady's Honor From This Moment On For Love Alone Defy Not The Heart Love Me Forever Man of My Dreams Prisoner of My Desire With This Kiss< An Affair Most Wicked Once and Always A Kiss To Remember Charming the Prince Yours Until Dawn The Overlord's Bride Heart's Enchanted The Bride's Portion Affair Dangerous Deception Desire I Thee Wed Mischief Mistress Rendezvous Scandal Surrender With This Ring Splendid Strathmere's Bride Stealing Heaven Violet The Perfect Wife A Dangerous Longing My Lady de Burgh Devil's Angel A Fire in The Heart A Hint of Scandal

The Conqueror - Shari Anton
One Wicked Night - Shelley Bradley
An Undeniable Rogue - Annette Blair
The Midnight Marriage - Lucinda Brant
Castaway Heart - Colleen Campbell
Castles - Julie Garwood
Guardian Angel - Julie Garwood
Honor's Splendour - Julie Garwood
Rebellious Desire - Julie Garwood
The Gift - Julie Garwood
The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood
The Prize - Julie Garwood
The Captain's Caress - Leigh Greenwood
Shadow of the Past - Nickie Fleming
Warrior's Deception - Diana Hall
Just Wicked Enough - Lorraine Heath
To Marry an Heiress - Lorraine Heath
Speak Only Love - Deana James
After the Seduction - Sabrina Jefferies
Dance of Seduction - Sabrina Jefferies
In the Prince's Bed - Sabrina Jefferies
The Forbidden Lord - Sabrina Jefferies
To Pleasure a Prince - Sabrina Jefferies
My Lady's Honor - Julia Justiss
From This Moment On - Lynn Kurland
For Love Alone - Barbara Leigh
Defy Not The Heart - Johanna Lindsey
Love Me Forever - Johanna Lindsey
Man of My Dreams - Johanna Lindsey
Prisoner of My Desire - Johanna Lindsey
With This Kiss - Victoria Lynne
An Affair Most Wicked - Julianne MacLean
Once and Always - Judith McNaught
A Kiss To Remember - Teresa Medeiros
Charming the Prince - Teresa Medeiros
Yours Until Dawn - Teresa Medeiros
The Overlord's Bride - Margaret Moore
Heart's Enchanted - Penelope Neri
The Bride's Portion - Susan Paul
Affair - Amanda Quick
Dangerous - Amanda Quick
Deception - Amanda Quick
Desire - Amanda Quick
I Thee Wed - Amanda Quick
Mischief - Amanda Quick
Mistress - Amanda Quick
Rendezvous - Amanda Quick
Scandal - Amanda Quick
Surrender - Amanda Quick
With This Ring - Amanda Quick
Splendid - Julia Quinn
Strathmere's Bride - Jacqueline Navin
Stealing Heaven - Jaclyn Reding
Violet - Lauren Royal
The Perfect Wife - Lynsay Sands
A Dangerous Longing - Veronica Sattler
My Lady de Burgh - Deborah Simmons
Devil's Angel - Marlene Suson
A Fire in The Heart - Katherine Sutcliffe
A Hint of Scandal - Rhonda Woodward