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For Earlier Times of Merriment, Mayhem and Romance partner up with We Really Dig Historical Romance Novels as we take a trip to American and then head west. We'd better have a guide to make sure we don't run into any hostile Native Americans. If we decide to change course we can travel across the seas to England, Scotland and other places of interest.

Click on the name to get a description and cover art of the book. I will be adding to the list. Feel free to come back often. Readers can recommend their favorite books and authors to us.

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Midnight Bride Wicked With One Look Morning Song Eden

Midnight Bride - Kathleen Drymon
Wicked - Beth Henderson
With One Look - Jennifer Horseman
Morning Song - Karen Robards
Eden - Bobbi Smith

American West:

The Perfect Wife A Stolen Time A Stolen Time Territorial Bride Night Shadow Maggie's Beau Tempting A Texan Lone Star Surrender Desert Angel Come The Spring For the Roses Prince Charming The Clayborne Brides Seven Brides: Lily Seven Brides: Violet Mischief Simply Love A Rogue in Texas Never Love a Cowboy Never Marry a Cowboy The Outlaw and The Lady A Taste of Fire The Yankee Hidden Fires The Surrogate Wife Digging Holes in Paradise Chase Wheeler's Woman Brides of Durango: Elise Brides of Durango: Tessa Indentured Bride Saddle the Wind

The Perfect Wife - Mary Burton
A Stolen Time - Shari Boullion
Fearless Hearts - Linda Castle
Territorial Bride - Linda Castle
Night Shadow - Catherine Coulter
Maggie's Beau - Caroline Davidson
Tempting A Texan - Caroline Davidson
Lone Star Surrender - Carol Finch
Desert Angel - Pamela K. Forrest
Come The Spring - Julie Garwood
For the Roses - Julie Garwood
Prince Charming - Julie Garwood
The Clayborne Brides - Julie Garwood
Seven Brides: Lily - Leigh Greenwood
Seven Brides: Violet - Leigh Greenwood
Mischief - Catherine Hart
Simply Love - Catherine Hart
A Rogue in Texas - Lorraine Heath
Never Love a Cowboy - Lorraine Heath
Never Marry a Cowboy - Lorraine Heath
The Outlaw and The Lady - Lorraine Heath
A Taste of Fire - Hannah Howell
The Yankee - Kristin James
Hidden Fires - Laura Jordon
The Surrogate Wife - Barbara Leigh
Digging Holes in Paradise - Karen Mihaljevich
Chase Wheeler's Woman - Charlene Sands
Brides of Durango: Elise - Bobbi Smith
Brides of Durango: Tessa - Bobbi Smith
Indentured Bride - Regan Taylor
Saddle the Wind - Pat Tracy

Native American:

Lakota Love Song Wolf Shadow Savage Dawn Silken Savage

Lakota Love Song - Madeline Baker
Wolf Shadow - Madeline Baker
Savage Dawn - Kathleen Drymon
Silken Savage - Catherine Hart


Lion of the North Bride Ransom Saving Grace The Bride The Secret The Wedding Highland Belle Highland Destiny Highland Lover Heat of the Knight The Heather Moon Highland Heart Highland Heaven Born In Sin The Bride and The Beast Border Lord The Highland Wife The Scot Devil in a Kilt Knight in my Bed Wedding for a Knight

Lion of the North - Suzanne Barclay
Bride - Stella Cameron
Ransom - Julie Garwood
Saving Grace - Julie Garwood
The Bride - Julie Garwood
The Secret - Julie Garwood
The Wedding - Julie Garwood
Highland Belle - Patricia Grasso
Highland Destiny - Kathryn Hockett
Highland Lover - Hannah Howell
Heat of the Knight -Jackie Ivie
The Heather Moon - Susan King
Highland Heart - Ruth Langan
Highland Heaven - Ruth Langan
Born In Sin - Kinley MacGregor
The Bride and The Beast - Teresa Medeiros
Border Lord - Haywood Smith
The Highland Wife - Lyn Stone
The Scot - Lyn Stone
Devil in a Kilt - Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Knight in my Bed - Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Wedding for a Knight - Sue-Ellen Welfonder

The High Seas:

A Pirate of Her Own The Pirate Lord

A Pirate of Her Own - Kinley MacGregor
The Pirate Lord - Sabrina Jeffries