Indentured Bride

Indentured Bride by Regan Taylor

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Regan Taylor

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American West

by Regan Taylor
Awe-Struck Books
March 2008
ISBN 978-1-58749-653-0
$? US
Series - The Brides Series

The story of Jenna and Brett Parker. Following the suspicious suicide of her father, Jennifer Matthews is whisked off to Maryland with her oily uncle, Julian Carlman. On her first night in Julian's home, following his attempt to rape her Jennifer strikes and kills him. Certain no one will believe her Jennifer runs into the night and seeks refuge in a box car. As the train travels to an unknown destination Jennifer tries to sort out her future. Arriving in Virginia she meets up with a ground of women headed to Adler Creek, Wyoming as mail order brides. Thinking she will be safe with the group until she can strike out on her own, Jennifer changes her name to Jenna and begins forming her new identity. Each time she tries to leave the "bride train" someone stops her and before she knows it, she is not only in Adler Creek, but she has a perspective groom--Deputy Sheriff Brett Parker.

Brett Parker is the middle son of the Parker family. Older brother Kendrick is a blond haired, blue eyed, United States Marshal, Brett is the black haired, blue eyed, Deputy Sheriff of Adler Creek and their younger brother Wolf is a full blooded Cheyenne warrior. Even though handsome and fairly well to do, Brett has had little luck with women and one incident several years earlier left soured on the prospect of marriage. That is, until, he hears of one woman on the Bride Train who seems to have some sort of problem. Sight unseen Brett knows she is the woman he has waited a life time for and before Jenna knows what is happening she finds herself married to Brett. As she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him her fear that one day soon a warrant for her arrest will arrive making her lose all she is coming to hold dear. For Jenna there could be no worse fate than to be arrested by her own husband....well almost none.

Brett has had to learn to live with prejudice his whole life, but with the rejection of someone he thought he could love he has become a bit jaded. Jenna has had the love of a good family with a happy life until recently and now does not know who to trust, so she keeps things to herself. When the past is hidden can Brett and Jenna learn to love? With all the events that are part of the lives of Brett and Jenna you can not help but be moved and hopeful that these two wounded souls can learn to love each other. Thank you Ms. Taylor for sending We Really Dig Romance Novels a copy to review.

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