Lakota Love Song

Lakota Love Song by Madeline Baker

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Madeline Baker

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Native American

by Madeline Baker
ISBN #0-451-20498-0
$5.99 U.S. / $8.99 CAN.

A Daring Rescue

When Kaylee Matthews finds a wounded Lakota warrior on her family's property, she knows she must help him - even though it means concealing him from her watchful stepfather. As she secretly tends to the stranger's injury, Kaylee feels a powerful attraction to this handsome mysterious man - one that opens her eyes to an entirely new destiny . . .

A Forbidden Desire

Alone and weakened in the land of his enemy, Blue Hawk is determined to retune to his village. Evey moment he stays with Kaylee, the risk of discovery grows - but so does his desire for his lovely rescuer. She is his only hope of getting back to his people alive, and when she offers to come with him, he can't refuse . . .

A Divided Land

Kaylee and Blue Hawk's shared passion soon sparks into an all-consuming love. But in a land divided by hatred and fear, it will take all of their courage to protect the future they cherish . . .


    Reluctantly, Kaylee met the Indian's gaze. Something passed between them, something she didn't recognize. Something that made her heart skip a beat. He had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen, deep and black and mysterious. She had the feeling that he knew exactly what she was thinking.
    Rising, she crossed the room to the other cot and curled up on the mattress, her back toward him. But she could still feel him watching her. She kept her gun close at hand.
    Blue Hawk listened to the girl's breathing, knew the moment when sleep claimed her. She was a mystery to him. He knew just by looking at her that she was afraid of him. Why, then, had she saved his life? He had seen the hatred in the white men's eyes. But the girl was different. He had never met anyone like her, never seen anyone like her, with her long golden hair and sky blue eyes. Never, except in his vision. . .

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