Lion of the North

Lion of the North by Suzanne Barclay

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Suzanne Barclay

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Scotland (H)

by Suzanne Barclay
Harlequin Historical 272
May 1995
ISBN 0-373-28872-7
$4.50 US / $4.99 Can.

Though He'd Led His Clan To Peace And Prosperity, Lucais Sutherland Could Not Rest

For Elsbeth Carmichael, the woman he had once loved and lost, had returned to the Highlands, carrying with her the taint of an enemy alliance. And reawakening the danger of an ancient curse!

Though free of her nightmare marriage, Elsbeth was no better off, for now she was the prisoner of Lucais Sutherland, the warrior laird who laid claim to not only her property, but to the secret places of her heart and soul!


"Enough!" Lucais cried, settling the matter by simply rolling over and pinning Elsbeth beneath him.
    "I'd heard the court was a wicked place, my lady, but I had no idea 'twas the custom there for women to ravish men in their beds."
    Elsbeth trembled with the force of her emotions. "You think I want to couple with you?" At Raebert's death she had sworn she'd never again be vulnerable to a man. And here she was, spread-eagled beneath one who had good cause to hurt her. Yet the feel of Lucais's muscular body trapping hers did not unleash a rush of primitive female panic. It made her skin and heart pound with the overwhelming urge to press closer, to wrap herself around him . . .

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