Lone Star Surrender

Lone Star Surrender by Carol Finch

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Carol Finch

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American West

by Carol Finch
ISBN #0-8217-2479-7
$3.95 U.S. / $4.95 Can.

The still of the night

When the rugged cowboy found a gorgeous, unconscious woman and her dead companion along a Texas dirt road, he knew he had to try everything to save the unlucky lady. He spirited her off to his mountain shack, gave her a potion to deaden the pain, and slashed away her bloody bodice to expose the would. But when the virile horseman saw only her creamy, flawless flesh, he realized the blood was not hers - and that the vulnerable female needed saving only from himself!  

The heat of the day

When golden-haired Tara Winslow awoke in her father's canyon retreat, she couldn't remember how she'd gotten there. What was even more baffling were the sensual dreams that plagued her every waking moment. As she fantasized a muscular Texas lover showing her the myriad mysteries of pleasure, the innocent adventuress realized it was too vivid to not be true! Now that she knew she'd been with the only man who could win her heart, the determined beauty vowed she'd track him down and enslave him forever with the wild rapture of her Lone Star Surrender

Lone Star Surrender was the first historical book I ever read and it hooked me from the start.

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