Midnight Bride

Midnight Bride Kathleen Drymon

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Kathleen Drymon

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by Kathleen Drymon
ISBN #0-8217-3265-X
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

She'd enslave him with passion

With her youth, beauty, and sizable dowry, Charleston-bred Kellie McBride had her share of ardent suitors eager to wed and bed her, but the headstrong miss was bewitched by the daring exploits of The Falcon - the dashing highwayman who risked his life for the American colonies and always managed to elude capture. Twice now, The Falcon had saved her life at the hands of the despised Redcoats, then set her blood wildly aflame with his scorching kisses - only to vanish again with the moonlight. The next time the raven-haired adventurer appeared at her side, Kellie vowed to unmask her mysterious midnight paramour . . . and show him she was ready for more than a caress!

He'd set her free with love

No one knew of the dangerous double life The Falcon led - or of his secret identity as a British lord with a vengeful score to settle with the Crown. And he planned to keep it that way. Let the willful Kellie try to expose him if she dared; she'd never uncover his deception! Meanwhile, he'd woo her by day as the foppish Lord Blakely Savage . . . and ravage her by night as the conquering Falcon! But the first taste of those luscious lips, the first touch of that silken skin soon had him suffering a frenzy of desire only she could quench. And though The Falcon had once vowed to soar forever free, now he burned to make Kellie his own wild Colonial



Seductive Surrender

    She lay naked against the darkness of his cloak. For a breathless moment the Falcon's shimmering silver gaze roamed freely over her, taking in the golden length of curls that fanned out over the cloak and twined about her lovely shoulders.
    "From the first moment I looked upon you, my heart, I have thought of little besides this moment." He drew a ragged breath. "You are all that any man could desire."
    Kellie felt her body melting from within. This man who had risked so much to save her, these strong arms holding her, and his lips so teasing and tempting - these were all that mattered. She was beyond the point of turning back. All that mattered was the Falcon.
    His lips captured hers, the kiss so deep it seemed to touch their very souls.

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