Mischief by Catherine Hart

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Catherine Hart

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American West

by Catherine Hart
ISBN #0-380-77731-2
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.


Spoiled, sassy and enticingly lovely, Heather Blair-Burns rightfully belongs among Boston's high society - certainly not in a Dodge City saloon. But had the haughty, high-spirited debutante remained back East, she would have missed a daring train robbery, a reunion with her presumed-dead father . . . and the handsome, rough and rugged rogue who calls himself Morgan Stone.

It's bad enough that evidence has linked Wells Fargo agent Stone to a string of robberies. Now he has to work undercover behind a bar and deal with the saloonkeeper's beautiful brat of a daughter - an exasperating minx who would serve the customers lemonade and give the local soiled doves lessons in decorum. But love has a way of ambushing even the most mismatched of hearts. All it takes is a hint of passion - and a touch of . . . Mischief


"Kindly release me!" Heather snapped.
    "I'm quite able to stand on my own now."
    Black brows arched over laughing turquoise eyes. "In case you hadn't noticed, we seem to be tied together from the knees down," Morgan said.
    As the dog gave another tug on the leash, Heather lurched forward once more, bumping hard against Morgan and a rigid object bulging at his hip. As her hand sought to soothe the sharp jab of pain, her fingers brushed something cool and metallic.
    Morgan's hand clamped over hers. "It's bad enough your dog has gnawed on my trousers. I don't need you shooting additional holes in them."
    Heather's eyes flew wide. "Is . . . is that a gun I felt?" she stammered.
    A mocking grin curved his lips. "That, or I'm awfully glad to meet you, honey."

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