Morning Song

Morning Song by Karen Robards

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Karen Robards

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by Karen Robards
ISBN 0-380-75888-1
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

The Sweet Music of Restless Hearts . . .

Their destinies intertwined on a sprawling plantation in the heat of a blistering Southern summer - a young Mississippi wildflower in the early bloom of womanhood and a brazen riverboat gambler living the dangerous secret life of another man. An untouched beauty and an unscrupulous rogue, they were damned by forbidden desires in a rigid world of lace and propriety - as two reckless hearts courted shame, scandal, and ruin in desperate pursuit of a breathless, impossible love . . .


    "You can't wed him if you love me."
    "Stuart . . . " There was an ache in her voice. Her heart was swelling inside her even as her bones were melting. He was barely touching her, but already he was making her his. She was on fire, burning up with love and something more, and he was the only thing on earth that could put out the flames.
    In a fraction of a breath she found herself plastered against him, her arms winding tight around his neck, his arms locking her to him as he bent his head to find her mouth.
    There was nothing at all gentle about his actions. He kissed her as if he were starving for the taste of her mouth, as if he could never get enough . . .

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