Never Marry A Cowboy

Never Marry A Cowboy by Lorraine Heath

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English Rogues in Texas

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Lorraine Heath

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American West

by Lorraine Heath
ISBN #0-380-80331-3
Series - English Rogues in Texas

Sensitive and lovely Ashton Robinson fell in love with Kit Montgomery the moment she first laid eyes on him. Four years later, her most cherished dream has come true: the rakish English aristocrat is her husband, if only for a brief time. But will a few days in paradise be enough, now that Ashton has found sweet freedom in his arms?

To ease his tormented soul, Kit agrees to marry his dear friend's sister. But Ashton's gentle beauty and fiery spirit are slowly captivating the hardened rogue, causing him to reevaluate his outlook on life . . . and to wonder if, perhaps, they should turn their union in name only into something more passionate.

This info is from the hard cover edition.

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