Savage Dawn

Savage Dawn by Kathleen Drymon

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Kathleen Drymon

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Native American

by Kathleen Drymon
ISBN #0-8217-1436-8
$3.75 U.S.

He was undeniably male

Lisa should have been terrified of the awesome Indian who attacked her carriage and took her captive. Instead the touch of Silver Fox's hand was like magic against her silken skin and possession by his powerful flesh made her melt into wild reckless rapture. She couldn't deny that she wanted this Blackfoot warrior more then any man she had ever known. Only wanting wasn't enough - she needed the promise of his forbidden love...

She was undeniably female

Consumed by a passion beyond his control, Silver Fox had no choice but to make the enchanting golden goddess his own. He drew her into his muscular arms, kissed her again and again, unable to contain the fire her luscious, curves aroused. From the moment he gazed into her innocent violet eyes his fate to love her had been sealed. He would be her master, make her body his slave - and surrender his heart until the Savage Dawn

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