Seven Brides: Lily

Seven Brides: Lily by Leigh Greenwood

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Leigh Greenwood

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American West

by Leigh Greenwood
ISBN 0-8439-3995-8
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can. / $9.95 Aus.
Series - Seven Brides

The Gambling Man

The way Zac Randolph saw it, he was the luckiest man on earth. The handsome devil even owned his own Little Corner of Heaven, the best saloon in California. And with every temptress on the Barbary Coast yearning to take him to paradise, he certainly had no plans to be trapped by the so-called wedded bliss that had already claimed his six brothers. Then an enchanting angel came into his life, and Zac had to fight harder than ever to escape the bonds of matrimony.

The Lucky Lady

Refusing to bet her future happiness on an arranged marriage, Lily Sterling fled her old Virginia home to the streets of San Francisco. Trusting and naive, she vowed to help the needy, and despite Zac Randolph's wealth, she considered him the neediest man in town. When the scoundrel refused Lily's kindness, she took the biggest gamble of her life. And if she won, she'd become the last - and luckiest - of the Randolph brides.


    "What about it?" Dodie asked Lily, "Could you marry this rogue in gilt wrapping?"
    "I'm sure any woman could marry Zac," Lily said. "He's very nice and really sweet when he wants to be."
    "The girl is bewitched," Sarah Thorogood exclaimed. "You must have doped her."
    "I did not," Zac exclaimed, " I don't want her to marry me, remember!"
    "Would it be so hard to be married to me?" Lily asked.
    "It would be terrible," Zac said. "You'd expect me to get up early and learn to milk cows you're bound to come up with sooner or later. You'd sing and dance until every man in the place was ready to shoot, knife, or bite his neighbor just to get a smile from you. You'd have this bloodsucking preacher and his passel of furies yapping at my heals, invading my bedroom, accusing me of things I've tried not to even think about doing. You'd have me going crazy trying to fight the lot of them to keep you to myself."
    "It sounds like love to me," Dodie said. "I say we call for a preacher and do the deed."

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