Silken Savage

Silken Savage by Catherine Hart

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Catherine Hart

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Native American

by Catherine Hart
ISBN #0-8439-4462-5
$ ? U.S. / $ ? Can.

She was a woman made for love. He was the man destined to love her.

Captured by a party of Cheyenne as she was traveling with her family to join her fianc?in Colorado Territory, beautiful young Tanya Martin refused to let her proud spirit be broken or her voluptuous body be abused. But she had not anticipated the reaction of her heart to A Panther Stalks, the brave who had claimed her as his prize. Tanya soon became her captor's willing slave, overcome, by a passion she could not resist.

Though fate conspired to tear her from her lover's side, Tanya vowed to surmount every obstacle that stood between them, until she was safe at last in the arms of the man who had awakened her to ecstasy.


Passion's Captive

    Tonight, as Tanya lay on the mat watching Panther, she shivered, a shiver that had nothing to do with fear of being hurt, but everything to do with her fear of losing herself to him entirely.
    He was a beautiful male animal; tall, bronze, graceful, with a power representative of his namesake. Panther lay down and gathered her trembling body close. Gazing deeply into her golden eyes, he felt his own body begin to throb with passion. His lips lowered to cover hers, claiming their sweetness as his alone, his tongue delving deeply into her mouth.
    Tanya had told herself she would not respond to Panther's lovemaking this night, but the minute his mouth claimed hers, she was lost to reason. As his wandering hands charted her body, she began to tremble violently beneath his touch. His lips moved over hers, melting them like hot wax, boldly staking his claim.
    Tanya arched against his body involuntarily. He was murmuring meaningless phrases, encouraging her touch. Her hands were spread out against his smooth chest, warding him off, but now they seemed to have a life of their own. Slowly, tentatively, they began to explore, measuring his shoulders, feeling the muscles contract beneath her palms, working their way gradually up into his thick ebony hair. White hot flashed of passion seared through her, making her cry out in longing - for what, she wasn't sure . . .

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