Tempting a Texan

Tempting a Texan by Carolyn Davidson

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Carolyn Davidson

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American West

by Carolyn Davidson
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-29247-3
$5.25 U.S. / $6.25 Can.

Suddenly . . . Fatherhood!

Or close enough, anyway. Wealthy banker Nicholas Garvey was stunned to learn he was now the legal guardian of a niece he hadn't known he had. But the bigger surprise was the child's beguiling nanny, Carlinda Donnelly, a woman who effortlessly made him yearn for the unexpected pleasures of hearth, home . . . and heartfelt love!

He called her Lin - a nickname short, sweet, even innocent. But Carlinda Donnelly knew Nicholas Garvey's intentions were anything but! What he wanted was as clear as the wide Texas sky. This complex man with a past had definite plans for her future - all of which make her blood race, her heart pound and her passions soar!


"You're right, you know."

    "About what? she asked, deigning to turn around and face him.
    "You're not in danger tonight." He hesitated, and she moved another step. "But don't become complacent. Danger can come from many direction."
    He saw only the bottom half of her now as she moved on. And then her feet touched the seventh step, for he'd been unconsciously counting as she climbed. She was unmoving, and he waited.
    "I think the biggest danger is not from you, Nicholas, but from within me." One foot moved and then lowered again to settle beside the other. "I fear I'll make a fool of myself one of these days if I don't walk away from you."
    "But not tonight?" He asked so quietly he wondered if she had heard him.
    Her feet shifted, then moved upward, her voice trailing behind her.
    "No, not tonight."

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