The Bride

The Bride by Julie Garwood

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Julie Garwood

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Scotland (H)

by Julie Garwood
Pocket Books
ISBN #0-671-73779-1
$6.99 U.S. / $7.50 Can.

by edict of the King, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison. . .a feisty, violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her. . . forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to this high land barbarian.

He was everything her heart warned against - an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And though Kincaid's scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him. . . until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses. . .

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