The Clayborne Brides Trilogy

The Clayborne Brides Trilogy by Julie Garwood

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Julie Garwood

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American West

by Julie Garwood
ISBN #0-671-02177-X
$6.99 U.S.
Series - Claybornes

In One Pink Rose, Travis Clayborne escorts mail-order bride Emily Finnegan to Montana, where she will meet her groom-to-be. Although they begin on the wrong foot, along the journey the Bostonian beauty and gun-slinging law student discover a beautiful, rugges land... and each other.

Douglas Clayborne, One White Rose's hero, meets young widow Isabel Grant when he arrives at her ranch to purchase an Arabien stallion - and cannot leave when he discovers the danger that threatens her. Convincing the headstrong beauty that she needs him, however, takes some doing.

One Red Rose finds Adam Clayborne as a true believer in the power of the written word. An escaped slave, reading has been his only ticket to the wonders of distant lands. When he encounters Genevieve, also a former slave, he remains unfailingly polite - and comfortably distant. Undaunted, she is determined to set Adam's captive heart free.

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