The Heather Moon

The Heather Moon by Susan King

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Susan King

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Scotland (H)

by Susan King
ISBN #0-451-40774-1
$6.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

A Scottish Spy

William Scott would lay down his life for his king and his country. So, when a mysterious gypsy girl comes to the aid of the ailing king, William agrees to wed her to save her from an unwanted marriage. But it's a fleeting promise he has no intention of keeping . . .

An Enchanting Lass

In spite of her ravishing beauty and talent for reading tarot cards and palms, Tamsin Armstrong has always felt unlucky and unloved. So, when the comely Scotsman makes his rash proposal, her lonely heart craves a future in his arms. . .

A Dangerous Desire

Now, with the future of Scotland in their hands, and danger in their path, William and Tamsin risk their lives to save an infant queen - and give themselves up to a passion so consuming, a love so inspiring, that neither fate nor misfortune could ever destroy it . . .

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