The Highland Wife

The Highland Wife by Lyn Stone

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Lyn Stone

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Scotland (H)

by Lyn Stone
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-28869-7
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

The Highland Air Was Heavy With Revenge

and Mairi MacInnes wanted to breathe deeply of it. Until an arranged marriage with Robert MacBain, an enigmatic lowland lord, whisked her away to a life of adventure, passion - and unspoken love.

Generous of spirit. Mighty in battle. Indeed, though he lived in a world of silence, Robert MacBain had gifts any would envy. Yet the Baron of Baincroft lacked true love in his life - until he met and championed Mairi MacInnes, his tempestuous chosen bride. But would she ever hear and heed the loving whispers of his heart?


"God's holy mercy!" she whispered. He was naked as the day he was born! Eyes wide with fascination, she watched MacBain as he checked the horses for injury and resettled the packs on their saddles. The man had no shame whatsoever!
   Of course, he thought there was none to see him save his manservant, who appeared to be sleeping, Mairi reminded herself. But did he not remember that she was to come out of the woods soon? Did he want her to see him exposed?
    Her face flamed at the sight, but she could not tear her eyes away. What muscles he had, she thought as they flexed in his arms, shoulders and even his backside. Ah, that backside was something to see!
    Her hands clenched, imagining the smooth feel of all that sun-kissed skin. The desire to touch him all but overcame her . . .

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