The Pirate Lord

The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries

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Sabrina Jeffries

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The High Seas

by Sabrina Jeffries
ISBN 0-380-79747-X
$5.99 US / $7.99 Can.

A Splendid Opportunity

A shipload of women - heirs for the taking! Pirate captain Gideon Horn couldn't be more delighted. His men are tired of wandering the high seas and want to settle down with wives on an uncharted island paradise. And the women will surely be grateful for rescue from the life of drudgery awaiting them in New South Wales... Lord, he's so clever!

A Splendid Passion

Married? To pirates? Sara Willis couldn't be more appalled. First she demands proper courting - at least a month. The darkly handsome pirate lord gives them a week. Then Sara insists the men vacate their huts for the women - Gideon demands her kisses in return. As the demands heat up, so do their passions - and soon Sara can't remember just why she's fighting the devilishly seductive captain so hard . . .


"Will you force some man to marry a woman just because you want to pair them all up?" Sara asked.

    Gideon stalked toward her, finding a grim satisfaction in the sudden wariness that leapt into her face. "My men have spent the last eight years at sea with only an occasional night in port to satisfy their need for female companionship. Your women could be horse-faced and snaggle-toothed, and my men would still want them, I assure you!"
    She backed away from him until she came up against the door to his cabin. "I hardly believe that your men would want a wife who's -"
    "Enough!" He planted his hands against the oak door on either side of her, pinning her between them. He raked his fingers through her thick, silken hair and twirled one coppery lock around his finger. Soft, so soft.
    "Stop that," she whispered, and gasped when he stroked one finger along her neck. "It's not . . .  proper."
    That made him smile. "Proper? You're on a pirate ship, remember? You're alone in a cabin with a notorious pirate captain . . . and I'm about to kiss you."

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