The Highland Wife

The Scot by Lyn Stone

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Lyn Stone

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Scotland (H)

by Lyn Stone
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-29243-0
$5.25 U.S. / $6.25 Can.

She was a woman with ideas . . . and that was trouble!

All the same, James Garrow found himself wildly attracted to Lady Susanna Childers. True, their wedded union arose from mutual need - with no mention of love. Yet the longer he knew his firebrand bride - the greater grew his desire . . .!

She was deep in the Highlands, a long way from London Society. Still, Susanna Childers vowed to make the best of the bargain she had struck with the enigmatic laird who was now her husband. Besides, he has saved her life once and would again, if need be. So love didn't matter - or did it?


Having been shot the day they were married Susanna nursed him.

"What are you doing?"

    Susanna yelped, jerking her head around so fast she flung a shower of water out of her long wet hair. She scrunched the thick toweling closer, hastily covering as much of her as possible. "Get out of here!"
    Her husband leaned against the door frame, biting back a grin. It shone like devilment in his eyes as his gaze traveled the length of her. "Pardon the intrusion," he said, so insincerely she wished she had something to throw at him.
    Fortunately for him, she had nothing near enough but the bar of soap on the ledge. She was tempted. "Get out of here immediately!"
    One shoulder shrugged, "You've seen me in the natural sate. Turnabout's fair, eh?" He paused while he looked his fill.
    Susanna shivered. Her teeth chattered. She was not that cold at the moment. But she was furious . . .!

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