Wicked by Beth Henderson

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Beth Henderson

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by Beth Henderson
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-29198-1
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

She Was The Only Witness . . .

Working as an amateur photographer in San Francisco's sordid Barbary Coast, Lilly Renfrew stumbled upon the grisly stabbing of a prostitute. Fleeing the murder scene with the killer fast in pursuit, she crashed into a man as handsome as sin who vowed to protect her!

He Was Her Only Hope . . .

As a former con artist, Deegan Galloway knew every back alley of the Barbary Coast, but as a newly accepted member of the upper classes, he was stifled by his boring, respectable life. When a beautiful damsel in distress begged his help in unearthing a murderer, he couldn't resist joining in the search. But he never imagined he'd be in danger of losing his heart . . .


"First off, you are an extremely desirable woman . . ."
    Lilly wanted to believe Deegan, wanted to very badly. Experience had convinced her otherwise. "I'm too tall."
    "Just right."
    "I'm not beautiful. In fact, only kind people would even term me a pretty woman."
    "Then they are not merely kind, they are blind," Deegan assured her. "You have a beauty that transcends time."
    Lilly linked her arms around his neck. "I see you are one of the blind, then."
    He chuckled "Perhaps I am. Blinded by your loveliness."
    "What is it they claim the Irish practice? Blarney?"
    "It isn't a religion, it's a gift," he corrected, "and I haven't uttered a bit of blarney to you, my lass. If things were different, I would court you in earnest."
    If things were different. But they weren't. She was still the strapping daughter of a city clerk and he was still a man in love with someone else . . .

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