Wolf Shadow

Wolf Shadow by Madeline Baker

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Madeline Baker

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Native American

by Madeline Baker
ISBN #0-451-20916-8
$5.99 U.S. / $8.99 CAN.

Kidnapped by Lakota Indians as a child, Teressa Bryant was raised as a beloved member of their tribe. Ten years have erased the memory of her abduction - and her true family. Now called Winter Rain, she is on the verge of accepting the marriage proposal of a warrior - until a handsome stranger appears, searching for the girl with the deep blue eyes . . .

Half Lakota and half white, Chance McCloud is known to his mother's people as Wolf Shadow. Hired by Winter Rain's birth to bring her home, Chance soon finds himself torn between his obligations and the enchanting woman who has aroused his untamed longing . . .

It doesn't take long for searing passion to throw Winter Rain's history - and future - into question. But if she agrees to return to the life she once knew, can she leave behind the man who has claimed her, body and soul?



The Indians came boiling out of the timbered hills like angry ants whose nest had been disturbed. Teressa Bryant stared at them out of the window of the stage coach, her eyes wide with delight. Mama had said they might see Indians on their way to San Francisco, but Teressa hadn?t expected anything like this.


    Teressa heard Mama screaming her name as the Indian lifted her onto the back of his horse and vaulted up behind her, one arm settling around her waist.
    ?Mama! Mama!?
    Teressa scratched the Indian?s arm, trying to get free, and when that didn?t work, she bit him as hard as she could, but he only laughed and urged his horse into a trot.
    Sobbing and hiccoughing, she stared over the Indian?s shoulder, crying for Mama and Papa, but the Indian ignored her and kept riding.
    With tears rolling down her cheeks, Teressa stared at the coach, watching it get smaller and smaller until it was out of sight.

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