After the Midnight Hour

After the Midnight Hour by Linda Randall Wisdom

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Linda Randall Wisdom

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by Linda Randall Wisdom
Silhouette Intimate Moments
May 2005
ISBN #0373274378
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

A Kiss in the Dark . . .

Cynical homicide detective Jared Stryker didn't believe in fairy tales or ghost stories. That is, until he inherited an old ranch with suspicious neighbors - and a haunting link to his past . . .

Murdered by her former husband, Rachel Bingham was doomed to walk the house for eternity, but when the sexy, streetwise cop came into her world and awakened the passion within her, she yearned to live again.

Jared had never wanted to be tied down, yet he found himself captivated by the ghostly beauty. But to be together, they had to break the curse that bound her ? and escape the danger that stalked him!


She tried to pull away, but his hands kept a firm grip on her hands. Her head remained downcast.

    "Look at me, Rachel," he ordered.
    Her hair, left in a loose braid, swung over one shoulder, leaving her nape bare.
    Stryker looked down at the vulnerable strip of flesh. Skin like soft pink silk that never saw the light of day. He felt her tension under his fingertips and knew he was the cause of it. But he knew if he backed down now he would never learn the truth about her past."
    "Look at me," he said gently.
    Her face glanced upward. Only the slight trembling of her lower lip betrayed her inner turmoil as she stared back with eyes resembling dark purple pansies. Her cheeks betrayed a faint pink flesh.
    Could ghosts blush? Or cry?

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