Angel For Hire

Angel For Hire by Justine Davis

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Guardian Spirits

by Justine Davis
ISBN #0-373-05680-X
$ ? U.S.

Heaven Sent

Alexandra Logan was at her wits' end! She was nearly broke, her farm was failing, and the local townspeople were angry at her boarders. So she looked to the skies for help . . . and it miraculously arrived in the very pleasing form of Michael Justice. But Michael was like no man Alexandra had ever met . . .

Michael had been sent to earth to help those in need, and Alexandra certainly fit that category. But in no time he was having feelings for her that had much more to do with body than soul! Yet how could he ever tell her the truth - that he was no mere mortal, but an angel in disguise?


"Why are you here?"

Michael's incredible blue eyes rolled heavenward, and Alexandra got the oddest feeling that he was expressing his feelings on a very personal level.
    "Apparently," he muttered, "I've been had."
    "Somebody up there knows me too damned well."
    He glared upward again, and Alex thought he looked oddly like a little boy tempting fate.
    "Waiting for lightning to strike for one little curse word?" she asked mildly.
    He looked back at her, startled. Then he laughed. "Something like that. You need some help around here."
    "That," Alex said ruefully, "wouldn't take a genius to see. What does this have to do with you?"
    He gazed at her steadily. "I'm here to help."

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