Angel of Desire

Angel of Desire by JoAnn Ross

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JoAnn Ross

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Guardian Spirits

by JoAnn Ross
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25582-9
$2.99 U.S.

The devil: Shade Blackstone

His mission: Rescue his best friend, Conlan, and kill the sadistic general responsible for his abduction. Shade was used to getting the job done, doing whatever it took, living on the dark side. What he hadn't counted on was Rachel Parrish -

An Innocent

Beautiful. Sweet. Determined. She had five days to stop Shade's quest for vengeance, to save Shade from destroying himself. What she hadn't counted on was her very womanly response to him. Because Rachel had been heaven- sent... she was his guardian angel.


"I'm afraid of you," Rachel said.
    She felt Shade's hands moving up and down her back and tried not to think how they felt as if they belonged there. "Of myself." She lifted her own hands to his shoulders. "Of us."
    "Join the club." Hi hands drifted below her waist, settling on her hips, drawing her closer.
    She tilted her head back and looked up at him. "Are you saying -"
    "I'm afraid of us, too.
    "I dream of you, dammit!" He grabbed hold of her slender hand that had been stroking his face, then found, to his distraction, that he couldn't let go. "I think of you when I should be planning how I'm going to get into that damn prison. I can't afford any distraction right now. Yet I can't stop wondering what it is about you that's gotten under my skin. What secret you possess that makes you so different from any woman I've ever known . . ."

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