A Spirited Seduction

A Spirited Seduction by Casey Claybourne

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Casey Claybourne

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by Casey Claybourne
ISBN #0-515-12066-9
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

What would a hedonistic, empty-headed womanizer like the Viscount Colbridge desire in a woman? Sabrina's lips pursed with disdain as she wondered what he must be like... A self- important rake accustomed to women swooning at his feet...
Of course, she hadn't any notion of what would appeal to a man like that.
But Nell would...
A sense of fatalism settled over her, oddly calming. She would accept Nell's tutelage. She would learn to be a seductress. She would be Lord Colbidge's mistress.

Only the ghost of the renowned Madam Nell deNuit could teach Sabrina Simmons the art of seduction. And helping Sabrina was Nell's only chance to get to Heaven. They had less than a month to tempt the Viscount Colbridge into Sabrina's arms - and keep him from buying her house. But would the notorious rake see right through their clever charade?

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