Beneath The Surface

Beneath the Surface by Evelyn Vaughn

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Evelyn Vaughn

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by Evelyn Vaughn
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51197-3
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.
Series - The Circle

Evil awaits

Deep in the Louisiana bayou lurked the heart of darkness - and Guy Poitiers's penance. A tragedy in his youth had torn him away from his sweetheart, Mary Deveraux, and consumed his life with guilt. Now only Mary's white magic and a single gold coin offered clues to his salvation.

Mary had never forgotten the Cajun boy who'd been her best friend. And now the grown-up Guy was inspiring desires she knew he shared. But to settle the past they would have to travel deep into the swamp to confront the very root of evil before it struck, and ended their chance of ever finding a happy ending.

The Circle: Four friends, four magical gifts, four loves to last eternally.


Guy had never spent a longer night.

    He was remembering the bomb she'd dropped earlier. She hadn't acted like a virgin. Then again, what did virgins act like?
    She'd acted like Mary. That was how he thought about her, witch or not, virgin or not - she was just Mary. The same Mary he'd hung around with as a kid. The same Mary he'd already become dangerously fond of since returning to Stagwater.
    When they were kids, he'd felt vaguely responsible for her, being both older and the boy. He'd felt responsible for Lazare, too, and look where that had got him. He didn't want to fell responsible for anyone anymore. It scared him that she had almost let him become not just her lover but her first. And it scared him a lot more to realize how much he wanted her.

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