Bride of the Mist

Bride of the Mist by Christina Skye

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Draycott Abbey

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Christina Skye

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by Christina Skye
ISBN #0-380-78278-2
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.
Series - Draycott Abbey

in a savage age of chivalry, a war-weary knight defends a mysterious lady from danger and swears himself her champion - for all time.

Centuries later, a startling psychic vision draws a gifted bridal writer to a rugged castle veiled in Highland mist - and to its enigmatic laird, Duncan McaKinnon. From the moment they meet, Kara Fitzgerald can sense they share an ancient, secret destiny.


They are swept up in breathtaking passion - even as a ghostly guardian warns of coming danger. For a callous enemy stalks the crags of Dunraven Castle - a timeless menace the cynical Scotsman and beautiful American must confront together. . . armed only with the power of their eternal love.


    "Do they have any strange wedding customs in Borneo? You know, bride visits, visiting taboos, things like that? Kara waited expectantly.
    Duncan had spent most of his time in Borneo in the coastal waters, checking pipeline. Of course, she didn't have to know that. A slow, outrageous smile began to play over his lips. "Well they did have some rather unusual customs . . ."
    Kara leaned forward, unconscious of the way her sweater molded her breasts. Duncan wished he was equally unaware.
    He cleared his throat roughly. "One involves rubbing the bride-to-be with fragrant oil," He paused. "And then removing it."
    "Removing it? I don't understand."
    Duncan's eyes locked on her face. "Slowly. Carefully. With the groom's tongue." He paused again, "Everywhere."

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