Carolina On My Mind

Carolina On My Mind by Anne Marie Winston

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Anne Marie Winston

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by Anne Marie Winsto
Silhouette Desire
ISBN #0373058454


When Luke Murray woke up cold, naked and next to the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen - and he could see all of her - he thought he was dreaming. Maybe he didn't know exactly how - or why - they were together, but strutting his stuff for this luscious lady was fine by him . . . until he realized they were being observed!

Luke scoffed at the idea of UFOs and alien abductions, but when he bumped into the woman of his "dream," he had to rethink his position. Could his "fantasy" have been reality, and would he be able to lure her into another close encounter - of the real and lasting kind?


He'd Never Walked Away From An Encounter With A Naked Woman Unsatisfied . . .

but they'd always taken off their clothes of their own free will. This was hardly a normal encounter with the fairer sex, and it was obvious this poor woman was excruciatingly aware of her nudity.
    Luke had an idea. "How long is your hair?"
    "Almost to my - oh!"
    One by one he pulled out the pins holding her single braid. He slowly began to comb it through until it fanned out across her back in thick, rippling waves. He hair shone as she grasped handfuls of it and tugged it forward to cover herself.
    "Thank you. But what are you going to do?"
    "I've already been told I can't have my clothes back." He dared a small smile. "You'll just have to be chivalrous and keep your eyes on my face."

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