Christmas Knight

Christmas Knight by Christina Skye

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by Christina Skye
ISBN #0-380-80022-5
$6.50 U.S. / $8.50 Can.
Series - Draycott Abbey

From out of the Scottish mist rides a dark figure, a man sworn to protect any woman needing his strength...


Hope O'Hara desperately needs a Christmas miracle or she'll lose her beloved Glenbrae House forever. Just when she thinks all is lost, a mysterious stranger comes riding into her life. From the moment she first sees him, Hope instinctively trusts Ronan MacLeod, but she doesn't quite know what to do when her valiant - and virile - rescuer claims that he's... a medieval knight!


Heeding the call of a lady in need is the duty of a true knight, but the damsel that MacLeod has been sent through time to protect is unlike any maiden he has ever encountered. She's stubborn, outspoken... and possesses a wondrous beauty he is powerless to resist. And after he first holds Hope in his arms, MacLeod knows he - with little help from Draycott Abbey's guardian ghost and his cat, Gideon - will do anything to rescue her from an unknown enemy bent on destroying her dreams.

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