Cosmic Hero

Cosmic Hero by Diane Merlin

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by Diane Merlin
Tease Publishing LLC
June 2009
Electronic ISBN 978-1-60767-248-3

Samantha Alexander has been dumped in the woods by a coworker. She can't get any reception on her phone, the sun is setting, the fire's going out, and James the creep took most of the food with him. When gunfire awakens her in the middle of the night, she's convinced her life is about to be over. Then, her luck takes an amazing turn.

Unable to take the suspense any longer, she peeks out of the tent to find a beautiful man stomping through her campsite. So what if he's dressed like a misfit from a Sci-Fi convention? It looks like fate has finally smiled on her. But wouldn't you know it? The minute he opens his mouth, Croghan insists he's some sort of intergalactic cop chasing a bunch of space vampires know as Fala. And to top it off, he needs her help to save mankind from total annihilation. Usually she doesn't go in for that sort of thing, but he does have a cute ass.

Sami and Croghan embark on a winner-takes-all race against the team of Fala who have earmarked planet Earth as their next feeding ground. Rife with action, suspense and humor, COSMIC HERO is a fast paced adventure tempered with an escalating romance between Croghan and Samantha.

When I started reading this book Sami reminded me so much of someone I know that I had to read on. This book has just the right amount of tension mixed with lighthearted emotion that you don't get bogged down in seriousness and you don't have a book that has no meaning. The relationship between Sami and Croghan has been written so well that you can actually feel the process of change in them as individuals and together. I want to thank Ms. Merlin for bringing this book to us as it was definitely worth reading.

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