Dark Moon

Dark Moon by Lindsay Longford

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Lindsay Longford

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by Lindsay Longford
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51187-6
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.

Two against the world

Hoping to shake the evil that had been haunting him, Ryder Hayes escaped to the town he'd once called home . . . only to find that the terror had followed him. His only hope was Josie Birdsong Conrad. This beautiful woman unknowingly held the psychic power he needed to defeat the madness he had accidentally unleashed upon the world.

But Josie was fighting demons of her own. Her beloved only child had disappeared - abducted without a clue. She could sense the danger that surrounded Ryder . . . inexplicably attracting her, and confusing her. Was he the man who could help save her child? Or was Ryder the ultimate danger in disguise?


He couldn't turn Josie loose.

    Lost in that darkness with her, he knew she was his anchor. Her hand brushed against his forehead willingly, even as she heard his terrible cry. Her fingers were warm in the zero cold of his agony, even while she trembled against him.
    Her touch kept him from disappearing into that wild, whirling darkness. But her touch had also focused those images. Sharpened them into crystal pieces of pain that sliced through her, too. And while he sought rest in her green eyes, peace in her sturdy refusal to bend under the weight of her loss, he'd brought his darkness to her.
    He'd thought to protect her, to find out the truth of what hovered around them, but he'd endangered her. With the last remnant of strength he had, he shoved her away.

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