Destiny by Maggie Shayne

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Maggie Shayne

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by Maggie Shayne
ISBN #0-515-13013-3
$6.99 U.S. / $9.99 Can.
Series - The Witches

Return to the "rich, sensual, and bewitching" world that Maggie Shayne created in the bestselling Eternity and Infinity...

She is Nibaba - an immortal High Witch so ancient, so legendary, that for thousands of years she has been the ultimate prize, relentlessly pursued by Dark Witches. She has eluded all who would kill her. . . until a mother's grief makes her reckless and she is captured by a madman. After endless physical and mental torment, she escapes, but her captivity has damaged her spirit as well as her body. And though the wounds to her body have healed, the scars on her mind and soul remain. . .

After more than four thousand years, her destiny has finally found her. . .

Nathan King now has the peace he craved in the life he created for himself - until the day he sees her again. Can it really be Nibaba - the love he thought lost to him so many centuries ago? But the woman he finds is not the fierce, proud girl of his cherished memories - now her eyes are haunted by a pain so deep, and a hatred so bitter it divides them still. But if he is to understand the source of her anguish and reclaim the passion that was once theirs, he must face the truth that the evil that tore them apart once again stands between them and their chance at forever. . .

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