Eternal Vows

Eternal Vows by Alice Alfonsi

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Alice Alfonsi

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by Alice Alfonsi
ISBN #0-515-12002-2
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.
Series - Eternal

1897, New Orleans French Quarter, Rosegate Mansion

It was midnight, and the drums were beating near Congo Square. As the incessant, driving rhythms filled the sultry Louisiana air with primal yearnings, a beautiful young bride restlessly awaited her groom's return... But her love had just arrived, had scarcely tasted her lips, when a deadly intruder shattered their destiny...

1997, Rosegate Mansion

Tori Avalon inherited a French Quarter mansion, complete with beautiful antiques, a lovely garden - and a pair of ghosts. French Creoles who had been murdered on their wedding night, these lost souls could not rest until love was born in the house where they died. They conjured up a heavenly man for Tori: a devilishly handsome Cajun who would stir desire with his teasing drawl, bedroom eyes, and exquisite body.

The spirits of the lovers had come home, to haunt and until another couple...


Ghosts in the Attic

    She looked into his dark, intense eyes, wanting to resist him . . . yet taste him again . . . Tiny pearls of heat seemed to roll through her veins at the expert touch of his full, soft lips. Her entire body tingled with fire and life at his nearness . . .
    Yes, it seemed magical . . . But Tori realized that there was something else extraordinary here: the air. It had been still and warm . . . though now, as Bruce kissed her, Tori felt a draft . . .
    He turned to her with a finger to his lips. "Listen."
    Sure, plodding feet were pacing above them, the boards creaking with each step . . .
    Someone was in the attic. Or something . . .

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