Everlastin' by Mickee Madden
Everlastin' by Mickee Madden - no ghost

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by Mickee Madden
ISBN #0-7860-0003-1
$5.99 U.S. / $6.99 Can. / $9.95

He's a Spirit . . .

1843. Lacklan Baird brings his bride to the house he'd built especially for her. But the honeymoon is cut short when Lacklan is murdered.

He's been haunting the place ever since . . .

She's the real thing . . .

1994. After years of catering to others, Beth Staples is ready to live her own life. While vacationing at a magnificent mansion in Scotland, she meets the man of her dreams.

Too bad he's a ghost . . .

. . . And that's just the beginning.

Can a sensible modern woman and an irresistibly seductive spirit find happiness together? With a little trust, a lot of love, and a few twists of fate, anything is possible . . .

A ghost story with a difference another thing that is different about this book is the cover. The cover is  a hologram which shows the seductive ghost appearing and disappearing.


The man was clearly going to be a real handful . . .

"You have long fingers. Beautiful hands," Lachlan said in a low voice, caressing them.
    "You're certainly not shy about flirting," she said nervously, withdrawing her hands from his and crossing her arms.
    "I admire beauty in all its forms, darlin' Would you like a fire ta warm the room?" A smile touched his mouth.
    "No. No, I'm sure I'll be warm enough."
    "A warm body ta snuggle up ta?" He grinned.
    "Goodnight, Lachlan."
    He sighed. "Goodnight, Beth." He started toward the door, then turned and searched her face for a long moment. "Don't be afraid in this house. There's naught to harm you."
    "I'd like that in writing, please," she said.
    Lachlan smiled, and a flurry of excitement swirled about her heart. Whatever she expected next, it wasn't for the man to close the distance between them and plant a gentle, lingering kiss on her lips.
    "Pull the cord if you need anything," he said. "I'm across the hall."
    "You sleep in this house?"
    "Aye. In a big . . . looonely bed. Does that distress you?"
    "Are you always so . . . ?" Beth frowned for a moment until the right word came to her "Outgoing?"
    "Sometimes I can be a blustering fool. Some say I haven't a single social grace about me, and 'tis true for the most part. But I am a man who knows what he wants." He bent to kiss her again, but she placed her palms on his chest and gave a nudge.
    An impish gleam Lit Lachlan's eyes. "It could have been. Sweet dreams, Beth."
    The door closed behind him.

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