Forest of the Night

Forest of the Night by Evelyn Vaughn

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Evelyn Vaughn

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by Evelyn Vaughn
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51213-9
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.
Series - The Circle

She was light. He was darkness.
She believed in everything good.
He believed in nothing at all.

Despite their differences, Cypress Barnard and Drake Benedict needed each other. Though she found the legendary warlock impossibly arrogant - and darkly irresistible - Cypress had to rely on his powers to save her beloved hometown. And though Drake found the earthy beauty a bit naive, he soon learned the extent of the danger they were both in . . . Because the evil in Stagwater was laying claim to his soul, even as Cypress's magic charm warmed his icy heart, demanding that he believe in her, in light . . . in their love.

The Circle: Four friends, four magical gifts, four loves to last eternally.


    "I won't stay here," Drake managed to say.

    "Oh, yes," she challenged. "You will."
    He raised his chin, arched an imperious brow, but Cypress did not back down.
    "You may think you're the best damn magician to come along since Merlin, but I've got a news flash for you, Benedict. You're hurt. You're tired. On top of all that, you just told me that I've got some kind of human-eating dragon living in the woods behind my house. No way am I letting you out of here until you at least help me figure out what to do about it. In the meantime, I've got a guest room where your honor will be perfectly safe. You may not want to spend the night with me, but you are spending the night."
    Oh, he thought, but he did want to spend the night with her - he just didn't dare . . .

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