Hart's Dream

Hart's Dream by Mary Anne Wilson

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Mary Anne Wilson

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by Mary Anne Wilson
Harlequin Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51218-X
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.

At first they were dreams - strangely erotic . . .

Ever since Daniel Hart's near-fatal motorcycle accident, he hadn't been able to get one woman off his mind. Dr. Sara Carr's sweet voice had been his only lifeline as he'd lain in a coma . . . and the sight of her, when he'd come to, had been a vision made in heaven.

Then they were visions - strikingly real . . .

Years later and miles away, visions of Sara Carr were with him again - calling to him, luring him, doing things to him that only a flesh-and-blood woman could do - visions so overwhelmingly real that he thought he was losing his mind. Daniel had to find Sara again - to prove she was more than an erotic dream. But Sara was nowhere to be found . . .


    "Daniel?" she whispered softly. "I'm here."
    Just before he'd fallen into blackness, he'd thought he'd heard someone call his name...
Now, he heard the voice again, as if the sound came down a long, dark tunnel, a tunnel free of pain. It was more a suggestion than real, but he could feel it drawing him back out.
    A woman was bending over him. The halo of pale hair, dark eyes, delicate features. Sara Carr. By some twist of fate, she'd found him. But instead of hospital whites, she wore a tank top and jeans.
    The erotic dreams he'd had of her paled next to her closeness. She was here, and all he had to do was reach out and touch her. But the hand he lifted should have found her. There should have been heat and silky skin.
    In horror he watched his hand slip right through her!
    The waking dream was still with him! Was Sara, the woman who'd stirred every ounce of his being, who'd saved his life, only a hallucination?

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