Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon by C. J. Adams & Cathy Clamp

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C. J. Adams & Cathy Clamp

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Shape Shifters

by C. J. Adams & Cathy Clamp
Tor Paranormal Romance
November 2004
ISBN #0765349132
$6.99 U.S.
Series: Tales of the Sazi

Her only option is death

Sue Quentin has reached the end of her rope - she's desperate, and there's only one way out: death. Her plan doesn't include falling for Tony, the mysterious hit man she hires. He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her problems aren't entirely insurmountable. He even thinks her little potbelly is sexy. So he's a werewolf -- everyone has flaws!

Sue enjoys being coddled by Tony, and, for his part, Tony likes the way Sue moans when he touches her. She begins to think she and Tony might have a shot at a future together, despite his unorthodox profession . . . and even though she doesn't know his real name.

But when Tony's enemies - not all of whom are fully human - decide Sue makes a perfect target, will Tony risk letting his darker side out during the day to save her?

This is first person from his side. I started the book and honestly didn't think I was going to finish but I kept going back to it just to see what would happen next. It is a book that if you are looking for something different, this is it. They didn't go into as much back story of the Sazi as I would have expected but they personalized it with details of what Tony, himself, was going through, especially his enhanced smells. Over all, I would say give it a chance if you are in need of something on the edge.

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