Immortal Bride

Immortal Bride by Lisa Childs

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Lisa Childs

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by Lisa Childs
Silhouette Nocturne #59
March 2009
ISBN 0-373-61806-9
$5.25 US / $6.25 Can.

A Jealous Evil . . . A Love That Transcends Death . . . A Prophecy Foretold

For generations, local residents have whispered about an evil menace lurking near the shore of the Lake of Tears. The recent murder of landowner Damien Gray's bride, Olivia, confirms the worst. Now, confused and heartbroken, Olivia's spirit survives death and seeks vengeance upon the man she desired more than life itself, the man she now suspects was her killer - Damien.

But an angry shaman has his own vicious agenda, one that will bring Damien to understand his Native ancestry. Steamy passion and ancient vendettas will draw them ever deeper into a drama of a family's legacy, murder and a love so strong it can withstand even death.


She froze on the shore, unable to move - her gaze locked with his

     Damien could see her.

     This was what she'd wanted, Olivia reminded herself, as panic choked her. She had wanted him to see her. She needed him to see her in order to exact her revenge.

     But when he lifted his arms and reached for her, the panic turned to fear. With dread, she turned to the lake. Every time she went back in, she had to fight harder to reach the surface - to leave those icy depths. But while she'd wanted him to see her, she wasn't ready yet - she wasn't strong enough to face him.

     Even now, knowing what he had undoubtedly done to her, she wanted him . . .

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