In the Midnight Hour

In the Midnight Hour by Kimberly Randell

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Kimberly Randell

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by Kimberly Randell
Jove Haunting Hearts
ISBN #0-515-12483-4
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

The antique bed looked like it was made for passion. And despite its extravagance, sensible Veronica Parish couldn't resist buying it. Her first night nestled within the bed gave her dreams of love that shook her to the core. But the man in her dreams is real - a real ghost, that is.

A famed lover throughout New Orleans, Valentine Tremaine was murdered in his bed in 1848 by a woman's protective father, outraged at Valentine's amorous adventures. For more than a hundred years Valentine wondered about the legacy he might have left behind - and he won't cross over until he learns the truth. But Veronica's mortal innocence and sweetness - as well as her beauty - stirs his blood like no other woman ever has. And as they delve into history to find the answer to his past, Valentine finds himself wishing for the impossible - a future with Veronica...In the Midnight Hour

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