Jane's Warlord

Jane's Warlord by Angela Knight

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Angela Knight

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by Angela Knight
June 2004
ISBN 0425196844

From one of the most exciting voices in erotic romance comes a debut as electrifying as it is sensual - about a woman in danger and the man who has traveled through time and space to protect - and possess - her . . .


Reporter Jane Colby covers crime for the local paper, but the most recent murder is especially shocking - leaving even the most hardened detectives shaken. What she doesn't know is that this killer has struck before - hundreds of years ago - and now he's jumped through time again to find his next victim - Jane . . .


Her only hope is a man named Baran Arvid - a genetically engineered warrior from three hundred years in the future. He's been sent to capture the predatory time traveler, and he intends to trap him any way he can - even if it means using Jane as bait.


Despite her reluctance to trust Baran, Jane cane resist his sexual allure. And this fierce warlord never imagined he could feel such insatiable desire - or that he would risk everything to seduce the woman he was sent to protect. But will their passion survive the galaxies that come between them - and the killer intent on destroying them?

Time travel, sci-fi, futuristic, comedy, contemporary, this book has bits of it all. You'll laugh when Frieka and Octopussy are on the scene. You'll be on a roller coaster ride following the danger and excitement in chasing a killer, the growing relationship for Baran and Jane and wonder if or how they will be able to be together in the end. Angela Knight has a voice needing to be heard, Jane's Warlord is one for the keep shelf.


Dangerous Attraction

    "You're in danger, Miss Colby. I've been sent to protect you."
    Protect, hell, thought Jane, staring wide-eyed as he straightened to a height of at least six-foot-five. If I'm in danger, it's from him.
    "Protect me from what?" She remembered Tom's gruff warning earlier this evening: Jane, everybody is this town has a reason to be worried.
    "Don't look so frightened. I'm not the threat you need to worry about."
    "Yeah, well, personally I don't accept reassurance from burglars."
    He lifted a dark brow. "Even if their only intention is to protect you from a killer?"
    Jane blinked. "Well, that's certainly preferable to being the killer." Apropos of nothing, a thought pierced Jane's unease. He's gorgeous. Not in a GQ-pretty kind of way, but in a primal, utterly masculine sense enhanced by his square-jawed face, aggressive cleft chin, even the beard stubble darkening his angular cheeks.
    Staring up at him, it hit her suddenly that he was standing a lot closer than he had been. While she'd been gazing at him in besotted fascination, he'd been subtly stalking her.

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