Mind Game

Mind Game by Christine Feehan

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Christine Feehan

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by Christine Feehan,
July 2004,
ISBN 0-515-13809-6,
$6.99 U.S. / $9.99 Can.
Series - Ghostwalkers

Possessed on an extraordinary telekinetic gift, Dahlia Le Blanc has spent her life isolated from other people. And just when she thinks she's finally achieved some semblance of peace, her well-orchestrated world comes crashing down . . .

For a reason she cannot guess, she has become the target of deadly assassins. Suddenly no place is safe - not even the secret refuge she'd established long ago. Now she must rely on Nicolas Trevane - a dangerous warrior sent to track her down and protect her. Together they generate a scorching heat Dahlia never imagined was possible. But can she trust this man with her secrets - especially when some people would kill to get their hands on them?


    The GhostWalker Creed

      We are the GhostWalkers, we live in the shadows
      The sea, the earth, and the air are our domain
      No fallen comrade will be left behind
      We are loyalty and honor bound
      We are invisible to our enemies and we destroy them where we find them
      We believe is justice and we protect our county and those unable to protect themselves
      What goes unseen, unheard, and unknown are GhostWalkers
      There is honor in the shadows and it is us.

      We move in complete silence whether in jungle or desert
      We walk among our enemy unseen and unheard
      Striking without sound and scatter to the winds before they have knowledge of our existence
      We gather information and wait with endless patience for that perfect moment to deliver swift justice
      We are both merciful and merciless
      We are relentless and implacable in our resolve
      We are the GhostWalkers and the night is ours

    Nox noctis est nostri

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