Of Midnight Born

Of Midnight Born by Lisa Cach

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Lisa Cach

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by Lisa Cach
Love Spell
ISBN #0-505-52399-X
$5.50 U.S. / $6.50 Can. / $12.99 Aus.


Alex Woding had come seeking peace. And though the young astronomer was thrilled to discover a place where he could pursue his passion undisturbed, he had another motive for seeking out Maiden Castle. There, in his youth, Alex had glimpsed a beauty that had haunted him ever since. Staring now into the evening sky, the gentleman saw again the reason for his return.


For five hundred years Serena had been a ghost - since the day of the Black Prince - and she had never known peace. But watching the keep's handsome new tenant, happiness was easy to imagine. Which made her all the more determined to drive him away. Alex made Serena burn to be flesh once more to revel in a touch she'd once reviled. He made her dream that she could be saved, for there was no power greater than that of love, even one...

Of Midnight Born

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