Other Worldly (Paranormal) Romance Books

Other Worldly (Paranormal) Novels you will find in section of We Really Dig Romance Novels

Aliens have come to visit and We Really Dig Other Worldly Romance Novels would like you to go with us for a walk on the wild side, we'll have to be careful of Angels and Fairy Godparents playing Cupid with the Warlocks and Witches. Then again the Elves and Genies are Magicians too and be wary of the Werewolf Shape Shifters. And watching over them all are the Vampires and anything else that will be here for the Futuristic tales.

Click on the name to get a description and cover art of the book. I will be adding to the list. Feel free to come back often. Readers can recommend their favorite books and authors to us.

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(alien abduction, aliens on earth)

Deeper Then the Night Sunlight Moonlight - Sunlight is an alien, Moonlight is a vampire story The Rebel Prince - Carch Sunstryker and Seri Woodson Forms of Love Carolina On My Mind

Deeper Than the Night - Amanda Ashley
Sunlight, Moonlight - Amanda Ashley
The Rebel Prince - Nina Bruhns
Forms of Love - Rita Clay Estrada
Carolina On My Mind - Anne Marie Winston

(Future Earth, On other worlds)

Cherished Invader Savior in Time More Than Prophecy Adam and E.V.E. - Make love not War Heart Mate

Cherished Invader - Samantha Gail
Savior in Time - Samantha Gail
More Than Prophecy - Shannon Leigh
Adam and E.V.E. - Bridget Midway
HeartMate - Robin D. Owens

Guardian Spirits:
(Angels, Cupid, elves, fairy godparents, etc.)

My Fallen Angel Mister Christmas Angel For Hire Wishes Angel of Desire

My Fallen Angel - Pamela Britton
Mister Christmas - Linda Cajio
Angel For Hire - Justine Davis
Wishes - Jude Deveraux
Angel of Desire - JoAnn Ross


Eternal Sea Eternal Vows Ghost of a Chance of Midnight Born Immortal Bride A Spirited Seduction Spirit Catcher Castle on the Moor Whispers on the Wind The Sheriff of Devil's Fork The Ghost and Katie Coyle Body and Soul Imminent Thunder Everlastin' Pure Temptation Into Thin Air Highland Knight MacGowan's Ghost Spirited Away Whispers by the Sea In the Midnight Hour A Man For Megan Timeless Bride of the Mist Bridge of Dreams Christmas Knight Hour of the Rose Key to Forever Season of Wishes The Perfect Gift Possessing Elissa A Hidden Magic A Valentine Wish Hart's Dream A Valentine Wish Bittersweet Summer After the Midnight Hour

Eternal Sea - Alice Alfonsi
Eternal Vows - Alice Alfonsi
Ghost of a Chance - Nina Bruhns
Of Midnight Born - Lisa Cach
Immortal Bride - Lisa Childs
A Spirited Seduction - Casey Claybourne
Spirit Catcher - Elizabeth Hallam
Castle on the Moor - Bill Haworth
Whispers on the Wind - Donna Fletcher
The Sheriff of Devil's Fork - Regan Forest
The Ghost and Katie Coyle - Anne Kelleher
Body & Soul - Susan Krinard
Imminent Thunder - Rachel Lee
Everlastin' - Mickee Madden
Pure Temptation - Connie Mason
Into Thin Air - Cindy Miles
Highland Knight - Cindy Miles
MacGowan's Ghost - Cindy Miles
Spirited Away - Cindy Miles
Whispers By the Sea - Julie Palella
In the Midnight Hour - Kimberly Randell
A Man For Megan - Darlene Scalera
Timeless - DeLoras Scott
Bride of the Mist - Christina Skye
Bridge of Dreams - Christina Skye
Christmas Knight - Christina Skye
Hour of the Rose - Christina Skye
Key To Forever - Christine Skye
Season of Wishes - Christina Skye
The Perfect Gift - Christina Skye
Possessing Elissa - Donna Sterling
A Hidden Magic - Terri Lynn Wilhelm
A Valentine Wish - Gina Wilkins
A Wish For Love - Gina Wilkins
Hart's Dream - Mary Anne Wilson
Bittersweet Summer - Rachel Wilson
After the Midnight Hour - Linda Randall Wisdom

(warlocks, witches, etc)

Three's a Charm Daddy Warlock His Chosen Bride The Twilight Before Christmas Magical Moments Wedding Spell The Knight and the Seer Destiny Eternity Infinity Beneath the Surface Burning Times Forest of the Night

Three's a Charm - Adrienne Burns
Daddy Warlock - Jacqueline Diamond
His Chosen Bride - Marcia Evanick
The Twilight Before Christmas - Christine Feehan
Magical Moments - Donna Fletcher
Wedding Spell - Donna Fletcher
The Knight and the Seer - Ruth Langan
Destiny - Maggie Shayne
Eternity - Maggie Shayne
Infinity - Maggie Shayne
Beneath The Surface - Evelyn Vaughn
Burning Times - Evelyn Vaughn
Forest of the Night - Evelyn Vaughn

Out of Body:
(switching bodies, re-incarnation, etc.)

Her brother's fate hangs on a dead man's curse. But hers is bound...by a dead man's love. This Time Forever

The Forbidden Enchantment - Nina Bruhns
This Time Forever - Margaret Chittenden

(ESP, Mystical, etc)

Mind GameShadow Game The Scarletti Curse To Tame a Wild Heart Stranger in the Mist Dark Moon Whispers in the Woods

Mind Game - Christine Feehan
Shadow Game - Christine Feehan
The Scarletti Curse - Christine Feehan
To Tame A Wild Heart - Tracy Fobes
Stranger in the Mist - Lee Karr
Dark Moon - Lindsay Longford
Whispers in The Woods - Helen R. Myers

(genetically enhanced/engineered, robots, etc.)

Cosmic Hero Jane's Warlord

Cosmic Hero - Diane Merlin
Jane's Warlord - Angela Knight

Shape Shifters:
(wolves, cats, etc.)

Her only option is death, until she falls for the hit man Heart of the Beast Secret of the Wolf Shadow of the Wolf Wolf in Waiting Touch Not the Cat The Wild Swans Celtic Love Knots vol 8 The Cat's Fancy Bad Moon Rising Dark Side of the Moon Dragonswan Night Play is about a Were-Hunter (Vane Kattalakis) and the human woman he loves, Bride McTierney Unleash the Night Once a Wolf Lycan Lore Lycan Lore 2: Offspring Full Moon Fever Waiting For The Wolf Moon Touch of the Wolf - Lucaine Herrick and Samantha Warren

Hunter's Moon - C. J. Adams & Cathy Clamp
Heart of the Beast - Carla Cassidy
Secret of the Wolf - Rebecca Flanders
Shadow of the Wolf - Rebecca Flanders
Wolf in Waiting - Rebecca Flanders
Touch Not The Cat - Tracy Fobes
The Wild Swans - Kate Holmes
Celtic Love Knots 8 - Michelle Houston
The Cat's Fancy - Julie Kenner
Bad Moon Rising - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark Side of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dragonswan - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Night Play - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Unleash the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Once a Wolf - Susan Krinard
Lycan Lore - Shannon Leigh
Lycan Lore 2: Offspring - Shannon Leigh
Full Moon Fever - Sabrina Luna
Waiting For The Wolf Moon - Evelyn Vaughn
Touch of the Wolf - Karen Whiddon