Pure Temptation

Pure Temptation by Connie Mason

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Connie Mason

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by Connie Mason
ISBN 0-8439-4041-7
$5.99 US / $6.99 Can. / $9.95 Aus.

Spirits could be so bloody unpredictable, and the specter of Lady Amelia was worst of all. Just when one of her ne'er-do-well descendents thought he could go astray in peace, the phantom lady always appeared to change his wicked ways.

A rogue without peer, Jackson Graystoke wanted to make gaming and carousing in London society his life's work. And the penniless baronet would have gladly damned himself with wine and woman - if Lady Amelia had given him the ghost of a chance.

Fresh off the boat from Ireland, Mora O'Toole wasn't fool enough to believe in legends or naive enough to trust a rake. Yet after an accident landed her in Graystoke Manor, she found herself haunted, harried, and hopelessly charmed by Black Jack and his exquisite promise of. . .

Pure Temptation

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