Savior in Time

Savior in Time by Samantha Gail

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Samantha Gail

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by Samantha Gail
Writers Club Press
ISBN 0-595-23413-5
$16.95 US / $27.95 Can.

She is a woman of power who follows a higher calling . . .

Remala Picard-Moreau, Knight of the Order of Shaynvar, lives to serve and protect in the twenty-second century. Her fealty is sworn. As guardians of time travel and respected sentinels of space, the revered Shaynvar Knights shoulder a heavy weight of responsibility extending across the galaxy and beyond. Sent back to the year 976AD to rescue a small village from destruction, Remala senses from the outset that this is no ordinary mission.

He is a fearless Viking warrior who decides his own fate . . .

The King of Birasett has finally found his mate. Beravael has long waited the one who will bear his children and he will have no other Queen than the remarkable woman sent by the Gods to fight at his side. Of course, convincing her of that fact will not be a simple matter. His decision made, Beravael, works quickly. Knowing the price Remala puts on her word and honor, the wily King tricks her into a binding marriage, demanding obedience while simultaneously offering a limited compromise.

Prepare yourself for a clash of titans . . .

He is as stubborn and irresistible a male as Remala has encountered on any world and in any century. To continue her duties for the Shaynvar, Remala must first be granted permission by the audacious, eternally suspicious, high-handed King. None of her training has prepared her for the sublime sensory onslaught that is King Beravael of Birasett. His exquisite touch can bring on a devastating distraction, scorching her willpower to cinders and temporarily silencing any grievance she might have cause to make. While Beravael whittles down her resistance, Remala struggles desperately to fulfill her obligations in both centuries, inadvertently embarking them all on a collision course with annihilation.

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