Secret of the Wolf

Secret of the Wolf by Rebecca Flanders

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Rebecca Flanders

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Shape Shifters

by Rebecca Flanders
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51204-X
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.
Series - Heart of the Wolf

Things better forgotten

The man Aggie McDonald had struck down on the rain-swept highway remembered absolutely nothing of who he was. But one thing was undeniable - he was no ordinary man. The strange light in his golden eyes spoke of an ancient hunger; a hunger that awakened within her an answering desire . . .

As fragments of his shattered past returned, "Michael" was coming to know the bitter taste of fear. His memories spoke of a centuries-old legacy that could threaten even this woman he was coming to love. And he was learning that the terrible question he had to face was not who, but what he was.

Within a few souls, the Heart of the Wolf beats fierce and wild. Feel  them, fear them, tame them . . .

What a fantastic way to start off a trilogy of werewolf books. Admittedly I haven't read many werewolf books but the Heart of the Wolf books each deserve to go onto the Favorites shelves.


    Those eyes . . . they weren't Michael's eyes at all . . .

    They weren't like the eyes of any man Aggie had ever seen . . .
    And then she blinked, and Michael's eyes were once again the eyes into which she had looked all day, alight with passion, gentled by regret. "Good night, Aggie," he said. And he left her.
    Aggie stood at the window long after he had disappeared into the shadows, wondering if he was out there somewhere, watching her, too. She stood until the moon came up and the mist began to dance on the lake.
    Then, shivering, she turned and locked the door.

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