Spirit Catcher

Spirit Catcher by Elizabeth Hallam

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Elizabeth Hallam

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by Elizabeth Hallam
ISBN #0-515-12334-X
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

Boone was coming toward her. "Dance with me, Dallas." She looked down at the hand he was holding out toward her... then she lifted her own hand and let her fingers slip into his. She could feel his fingers, warm and strong and real. This time, their fingers intertwined and clasped, and Boone reached out to take her other hand and sweep her into the steps of the dance...

In the restored ghost town of Fury, Colorado, actress Dallas James makes her living by reenacting life in the Old West, her act becomes all too authentic - as she is joined by the ghost of one of Fury's residents. No one but Dallas can see the handsome Boone Cantrell, who claims he is the town's sheriff - more than one hundred and twenty years ago. But something has brought him back. And as Dallas becomes acquainted with the restless ghost, she finds herself falling in love. But she doesn't have much time. Boon's only chance to stay in her world requires unraveling the complex web of history that brought him back from the dead - and into her arms...

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