The Forbidden Enchantment

The Forbidden Enchantment by Nina Bruhns

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Out of Body

by Nina Bruhns
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Febuary 2007
ISBN #0373275242
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

Her brother's fate hangs on a dead man's curse.
But hers is a dead man's love.

Captain Sullivan (Sully) Fouquet is a man with a serious identity crisis. After being dead (or so he thought) for 200 years, one day the infamous eighteenth century Cajun pirate wakes up in the twenty-first century, shocked to find he now occupies the battered body of fire chief ANDRE SULLIVAN. Long ago Sully put a voudou curse on the murderous Lord John Sullivan and all his heirs. Now he has been brought back to life to witness the fulfillment of that curse and the demise of the entire Sullivan clan.

Elizabeth Hamilton is a woman on the mission of her life. She has traveled a long way to find her adopted brother Caleb?s last living male relative. Andre Sullivan is Caleb?s last hope for a normal life. Determined to save her brother from leukemia, she will do whatever it takes to get Andre Sullivan to donate bone marrow. But can she give herself to a dead man? What's more, can she love him . . . ?

Although not a ghost story like Sully's friend Tyree in 'Ghost of a Chance'. You have to feel for both Sully and Elizabeth. Sully is in a world he knows nothing about and Elizabeth must find a way to believe the man she's coming to love was once a pirate. Ms Bruhns brings the people to life, along with the feeling and secrets they hold. 'The Forbidden Enchantment' holds its own and if you haven't read 'Ghost of a Chance' yet, pick them both up, it's well worth it.
We Really Dig Romance Novels would like to thank Nina Bruhns for sending us a review copy to read on this fantastic February release.

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