The Ghost and Katie Coyle

The Ghost and Katie Coyle by Anne Kelleher

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Anne Kelleher

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by Anne Kelleher
ISBN #0-515-12703-5
$5.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

A cry for help, echoing through the centuries, inspires a young teacher to rewrite history - and rediscover a passion she only dreamed of...

At first, everything seemed ideal for Katie Coyle. She was delighted with her new job as a professor of Irish literature - and was enchanted by the New England cottage she now called home. Yet she still couldn't shake the feelings of unease - and the unearthly suspicion that at night when the ocean stirred, something on the dark cliff beckoned...

She had heard the rumors of the ship that vanished centuries ago, and the pirate who haunted the beach in search of lost treasure. Yet to Katie, O'Riordan is more than a legend... more flesh than fantasy... and more passionate than humanly possible. But his return has come with a dire warning. And now for Katie, embracing the past has become a matter of life and death beyond her control...

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